Introduction of Microwave Defrosting Equipment for Frozen Meat

Frozen meat microwave defrosting machine is mainly used in meat, poultry, seafood, fruit egg, and fruit processing plants. The defroster is used to defrost frozen meat or frozen food at -18 ℃. Put frozen meat and other materials into the defrosting tank filled with water, and then boil the water with bubbles to achieve the rapid defrosting machine's purpose.

chilled meat

Frozen meat after thawing

What are the advantages of chilled meat microwave defrosting equipment over traditional defrosting equipment?

1.The microwave defrosting equipment of frozen meat uses microwave defrosting, which adopts a PLC system and temperature control module to precisely control the temperature. Traditional thawing methods cannot control temperature accurately.

2.Traditional thawing time is extended. For example, water thawing needs more than 8-10 hours. Air natural thawing may need more than 24 hours, microwave can go deep into the material to directly heat, no heat conduction process, and the same material microwave equipment can be completed in half an hour.

3.The quality of thawing is also the focus of customers' concern. The color of meat products after the natural thawing of air is dim, while the color of meat products after the thawing of water is gray and white, while the color of meat products after microwave thawing is the same as that of fresh meat.

4.The traditional thawing method has a high meat loss rate. Other methods are generally more than 5% moisture loss and microwave controlled within 1% concerning moisture loss.

5.At the same time, air defrosting and water defrosting will produce a large amount of sewage, like industrial production, and support the high cost of sewage treatment equipment. However, microwave defrosting pollution-free environmental protection does not need to use.

6.The microwave defrosting equipment is operated by a touch screen, and the computer operation program suitable for the requirements of the defrosting process can be set to realize fully automatic operation. And the industrial frozen meat microwave defrosting equipment can run continuously, high reliability.

Microwave defrosting equipment for frozen meat

Composition of microwave defrosting equipment for frozen meat:

  1. The microwave defrosting device for frozen meat contains a water tank, the bottom of which is provided with a drainage port.
  2. The frozen meat thawing machine also includes a windpipe with several air outlets at one end and an air pump arranged outside the water tank. One end of several air outlets of the trachea belt is arranged in the water tank, and the other end is arranged outside the water tank and connected with the air pump.
  3. There is a constant temperature tank next to the thawing tank, from which water flows into the thawing machine. With the thawing of frozen products, the conveyor belt products are discharged in the direction of discharge, and the water temperature in the thawing tank drops slowly. During the discharging period, water enters the constant temperature tank from the thawing tank to recycle water and save the environment.

Working principle of microwave defrosting equipment for frozen meat:

Microwave thawing is directly applied to frozen meat. Under the microwave field's action, polar molecules generate heat by alternating vibration friction at 915Mhz per second to achieve the purpose of thawing. Adjust microwave power and transmission speed, control heat intake, achieve thermal balance, reach the target temperature. Microwaves can penetrate frozen meat within 18 centimeters. The microwave absorption rate of frozen meat varies with the substance: Large dielectric loss, high microwave absorption rate, high energy conversion rate, and warming of frozen meat depend on the specific heat and thermal conductivity. The dielectric loss of ice is smaller than water, and much fewer microwaves are absorbed than water. When microwaves are applied to a mixture of ice water, the water absorbs the microwaves and heats up quickly, causing local overheating, which problems that must be avoided.

schematic diagram

Faced with a wide variety of meat products on the market, we may be confused about what to buy and worry about its safety. Food is not assured.

The frozen meat defrosted by microwave frozen meat defrosting equipment manufactured by Leader Microwave Equipment Company is of good color, fresh and clean, healthy and pollution-free, and natural and pollution-free. The majority of customers can be assured to buy, people eat at ease, without harming the body.

There are many types of frozen meat thawing machines, such as microwave thawing equipment for beef, microwave thawing equipment for seafood, microwave thawing equipment for vegetables, etc. Each type also has many models, microwave equipment to solve the problem of people's choice of food, let you have no worries, and enjoy purchasing!