Meat: It’s Not Easy to Love You

Pig's foot Q flick is smooth, nutritious, and delicious, but it's also worrying. It belongs to the food of tall adipose and tall cholesterol. Old people and children can't eat more because their digestion is weak. Hepatitis, cholecystitis, gallstones, arteriosclerosis, hypertension patients should be away from. Even if they can grow up to be normal, they may have concerns about their size or health.

Microwave degreasing equipment can solve this problem perfectly, allowing people to enjoy delicious food. Microwave degreasing equipment is a new type of meat degreasing equipment, using the special heating principle, which can quickly release excess oil from the inside to outside. At the same time, it will not destroy the nutrition of meat and improve the taste of meat, chewy, not greasy.

Significant advantages of microwave degreasing equipment:

1.Microwave degreasing is more thorough than conventional degreasing due to its inside-out heating properties. It can increase the degreasing by 20% to 30%, which greatly improves the quality of products and helps the meat manufacturers' brand building and promotion.

2.Industrial microwave degreasing machine because of its sterilization characteristics, microwave degreasing equipment can degrease meat, sterilize it strongly, and sterilize it again after packaging.

Microwave degreasing device can effectively save the cost of sterilization equipment, save the site, reduce the labor cost and time cost, and improve the economic benefits of manufacturers.

3.Tunnel-type microwave degreasing machine can realize continuous production, feeding at one end, and receiving at the other end. The equipment is simple to operate and saves a lot of labor.

4.Automatic microwave degreasing equipment has high efficiency; it can be finished in 5-10 minutes, improving industrial production efficiency.

5.Microwave degreasing equipment responds to the national energy conservation and environmental protection policy, zero pollution, and zero emissions.

6.Microwave degreasing equipment is heated from inside to outside, making beef heating more efficient. The experiment shows that the new microwave degreasing equipment can save 1/3 ~ 1/2 energy consumption than the conventional electric heating drying machine. It is a veritable green machine.
Microwave degreasing system adopts microwave technology, no thermal radiation, not affected by climate and environment, and does not change the working environment, can work 24 hours continuously. For beef processing enterprises with tight production schedules and high yield requirements, microwave degreasing equipment is more operable.

7.Microwave degreasing equipment is clean and safe. Microwave degreasing is carried out in the closed microwave heating chamber, and microwave leakage is also controlled within the state's scope, without any harm to the human body.


Overview of microwave degreasing equipment:

Microwave operating frequency:2450MHZ±50MHZ

Microwave power: customized according to output

Height of inlet and outlet:60mm(customized)

Transmission belt width :680mm(adjustable)

Transmission speed :0 ~ 5 m/min(frequency control)

External size :8500*1300*2200mm(customized)

Traditional meat degreasing process:

The traditional way of degreasing meat is to deep fry it at high temperatures and then press it in a grinder to remove the fat.


1.Low degreasing, low yield, cost a lot of labor, not suitable for mass production of large-scale meat processing enterprises.

2.The large loss of nutrients in meat is not conducive to the improvement of product quality.

3.Degreasing by an external heat source consumes more heat.

4.The use of electricity, coal, and other energy, the production process will have a lot of thermal inertia radiation, affecting the operator's working environment. It is easy to make drying machinery a long time by heat, affecting equipment's normal operation and can not work 24 hours.

System composition of microwave degreasing equipment:

1.Automatic temperature control system

2.Automatic control microwave density system

3.Automatic deviation correction system

4.Automatic alarm system

5.Variable-frequency speed control system

6.Real-time monitoring system

7.Material control system

8.Data switching system

9.Intelligent programming system

In recent years, environmental protection is a hot topic. Compared with traditional technology, microwave degreasing equipment has high thermal efficiency and low energy consumption.

Besides, microwave degreasing technology is applied to the food industry and soybean degreasing equipment, serving as a health guard to protect our food safety.

As hot as environmental protection is intelligence. Microwave degreasing equipment uses computer programming to realize automatic temperature control, deviation correction, alarm, and other functions, reduce the difficulty of manual work, and effectively control the production standard and achieve automatic, intelligent production line.

With the development of the food industry and the enhancement of social, environmental protection awareness, microwave degreasing equipment, Novel Food Microwave Thawing Machine, and other advanced automatic production equipment will be more useful.