Microwave defrosting equipment for frozen mutton chops

Nowadays, there is a lot of delicious food. A big bowl of drinking and eating meat is a life that many people yearn for very much. Lamb chops can be said to be a kind of food that is widely praised. It often appears on various barbecue stalls. Regularly eating lamb chops can also play a role in resisting the cold, treating the body deficiency and chills, tonifying the kidney, and invigorating the Yang. As the lamb chops are not easy to save, they are usually frozen before transportation. So how do you defrost lamb chops when you use them? The frozen mutton chops microwave defrost equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment company can defrost the mutton chops with rich nutrition.

 Frozen lamb chops

Advantages of microwave defrosting equipment for frozen mutton chops

  1. Thaw quickly

The microwave defrosting machine of frozen mutton chops uses microwave defrosting, which can directly go deep into the inner part of mutton chops for defrosting, making both inside and outside of mutton chops for defrosting at the same time. Hence, the defrosting speed is very fast.

  1. Thaw uniform

Because it can be defrosted deep inside the lamb chops, the frozen lamb chops microwave defroster defrosts very evenly, without the disadvantages of traditional defrosting methods. For example, the outside has been defrosted, while the inside is still frozen.

  1. Rich nutrition

The traditional defrosting method will cause the loss of nutrition of frozen lamb chops. Simultaneously, the microwave defrosting machine can defrost in a few minutes, which can ensure the nutrition of lamb chops will not be lost to the greatest extent. There will be no difference in taste, allowing diners to eat the most authentic and delicious lamb chops.

  1. Clean and sanitary

The most important rule of food is hygiene. The use of microwave defrosting machines for defrosting can ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of lamb chops so that consumers can feel assured about eating, and sellers can feel secure about selling.

  1. Simple operation

Unlike some complex machines, microwave defrosting devices are simple to operate, requiring no extra hands, and easily handled by one person.

Microwave defrosting equipment for frozen mutton chops

Model and technical parameters of microwave defrosting equipment for frozen mutton chops

Frequency915±25MHz(Compared with the commonly used 2450MHZ frequency, the wavelength is longer and the penetrating force is stronger. 2450MHZ microwave is not suitable for thawing)
Microwave output power20~100kw
Opening height of suppressor150-250mm
Transmission rate0~5m/min
Microwave leak≤5mw/cm2
Thaw the amount0.5~2T/
Water loss1%
Power consumption15~18kW·h0018kW·h
Water usage018~25t,00.2t

Microwave defrosting equipment

Comparison of frozen lamb chops microwave defrosting equipment and traditional defrosting methods:

Traditional thawing methods include water thawing and air thawing, which have more disadvantages than microwave thawing.

  1. Uniformity of defrosting

Microwave defrosting can make the lamb chops defrosted very evenly because microwaves can make the inside and outside of the lamb chops defrosted at the same time, while the air defrosting and water defrosting are both defrosted from the outside to inside, which will cause uneven defrosting.

  1. Nutrition and taste

Thawing by water and thawing by air takes a lot of time. During this process, the lamb chop's nutrient elements will be lost, and the taste will also be changed. However, the microwave defrosts equipment can defrost the lamb chop in a few minutes, which can retain the lamb chop's nutrition and taste.

The development of science and technology promotes the progress of our life. Nowadays, more and more high technologies are integrated into our daily life, such as microwave thawing equipment for frozen seafood, microwave sterilization equipment for vegetables, microwave drying equipment for agrocybe cylindracea, etc., all of which play a decisive role.

As microwave technology is gradually gaining popularity and the demand for lamb chops increases, the market demand for frozen lamb chops microwave thawing equipment increases. As long as we seize the opportunity in time, we will surely create a bright future!