Microwave defrosting equipment for frozen pig skin

Believe many people like to eat pigskin, the pigskin eating method also has many kinds. The common eating method has pigskin jelly, pigskin dipping sauce, and so on; each kind of eating method is very delicious. Pigskin is rich in protein, often eating pig skin can play a role in raising blood, beneficial for health, keeping beauty, and promoting bone development. Pigskin is usually frozen because it has a short shelf life, so how do you defrost pigskin? Leader Microwave Equipment's frozen pigskin microwave defrosting equipment can effectively defrost pigskin.

 Frozen pigskin

Advantages of microwave defrosting equipment for frozen pigskin

  1. Defrost quickly

Frozen pig skin can be defrosted within 5 ~ 10 minutes, thus ensuring a rapid response to frozen pigskin's demand; the pigskin defrosted by the frozen pig skin microwave defrosting machine more hygienic and conducive to processing.

  1. Reduce dripping loss

As a result of the use of frozen pig skin internal heating thawing method, thawed pigskin inside and outside temperature is uniform, so it is not easy to appear dripping phenomenon—the maximum extent to maintain the quality of pigskin.

  1. The frozen pig skin microwave thawing machine can realize continuous operation from freezing preservation → thawing → post-treatment.
  2. During thawing, frozen pigskin thaws without opening the package.
  3. Because there is no need for water during thawing, the microwave thawing machine's operating environment can be guaranteed to be dry and clean, with an excellent operation environment, and it is easy to realize the clean and hygienic standard.
  4. By setting the thawing conditions of frozen pigskin, anyone can conduct the thawing operations of the microwave defrosting machine and ensure the quality stability of frozen pigskin after thawing.
  5. Microwave thawing equipment thawing safety and sanitation because it does not use water, so do not produce bacterial pollution and save water costs.
  6. Save manpower and reduce the occupation of the working space.

Microwave defrosting equipment for frozen pigskin

Model and technical parameters of microwave defrosting equipment for frozen pigskin

Operational frequency915±5MHz
Microwave output power40KW(The power is infinitely adjustable)
Defrost efficiency1.5-2t/hr
Microwave feed into the wave ratioLess than 2(Rated load)
Microwave magnetronFrequency 915MHz, power 20KW/ PCS
Microwave system cooling systemMagnetron (water cooling), transformer (oil cooling)
Magnetron work life≤2000hr
Manufacture standardAccord with national GB10436-89 standard≤5mw/cm2
Meet GB5226 electrical safety standard
Product shape size(Length x width x height)About:10455mm×820mm×1900mm

Microwave defrosting equipment

Difference between frozen pig skin microwave defrosting equipment and traditional defrosting method

  1. The efficiency

The traditional thawing methods are mostly water thawing and air thawing, which take a long time and are inefficient. However, the microwave thawing equipment of frozen pigskin can be thawed in just a few minutes with high efficiency.

  1. The nutrition

The traditional thawing method for a long time will cause the pigskin to lose nutrients, but microwave thawing equipment will not have such a situation.

As people more and more demand for pigskin, frozen pig skin microwave thawing equipment demand also bigger and bigger, it is worth mentioning that the application of various microwave devices is more and more widely, for example, frozen seafood microwave defrosting equipment, vegetables microwave drying equipment, green tea microwave sterilization equipment, has gradually penetrated into our life. With the tide of science and technology constantly emerging, we believe that as long as we seize the opportunity, we will be able to have a wonderful life.

We believe that the emergence of microwave thawing equipment for frozen pigskin will definitely bring us higher profits!