Microwave Thawing of Pork

Frozen food must be defrosted before processing or consumption. Defrosting is one of the critical factors affecting the final quality of frozen meat. At present, the common thawing methods include water thawing, air thawing, high hydrostatic thawing, electric thawing (low frequency, high frequency, microwave, and high voltage electrostatic field, etc.), and several combination thawing.

Microwave thawing is a new thawing method that adapts to the development trend. It penetrates meat products through a 915MHz microwave with high power density to ensure the uniform temperature inside and outside after thawing. It only takes 10 minutes from -18℃ to -2℃. After thawing, the color and nutrient composition are basically unchanged compared with fresh meat, and continuous production is realized to minimize the reproduction of harmful bacteria, which is the best thawing method for meat products at present.

Mr. Zhou, who runs a meat processing plant in Jingmen, Hubei province, used to defrost meat with water, which took 8 to 10 hours. The defrosting meat was poor in quality, consumed a lot of water, and required a sewage treatment system, so the cost was very high.

Remove the sample from the refrigerator at -18 ℃, weigh 13.28kg, put it into a plastic tray, put it into a 20kw microwave equipment, and defrost it "according to quality" for 8 min before taking out for index determination. The internal temperature was measured at -3 ℃.

Microwave thawing equipment

Weight the meat sample before thawing (m1). After thawing, use filter paper to absorb the dried meat's surface moisture and weigh it, denoted as m2. Calculate the thawing loss rate according to the formula:

The meat weight after microwave thawing was 12.93kg, and the meat loss rate calculated by the formula was 2.6%, which was several times more efficient than the traditional thawing method.

Customized 20kw Microwave thawing equipment for pork can defrost pork at -18 ° c -- -2 ° c for 300~400kg per hour, fully meeting customers' production needs. It is easy to operate, no heat engine is needed, and the defrost output can be adjusted and increased according to the processing capacity.


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Compared with the conventional thawing methods, the content of sarcoin in pork was closest to that in fresh meat after microwave thawing. Nutrition is preserved to the maximum. Microwave thawing is beneficial to maintain the tenderness and color of meat. The frozen meat thawed by microwave has a high concentration of muscle protein, effective control of microbial reproduction, and better texture characteristics.