Microwave Thawing Successful Case of Chicken

Low-temperature freezing can effectively inhibit the growth of microorganisms, thus maintaining pork's quality for a long time. Frozen meat is one of the most important raw materials in the meat and meat products processing industry. When thawed, the melting of the ice crystals will lead to the loss of a lot of juice, which will lead to the loss of flavor. Improper thawing methods or parameters can significantly impact the quality of raw meat, such as juice and nutrient loss, as well as subsequent processing and the final taste and color of the dish.


The microwave thawing method uses the dielectric properties of frozen meat to generate heat under the action of the alternating electric field at the frequency of 915 MH or 2450MHZ to achieve the effect of thawing. The biggest characteristic and advantage of microwave thawing is high speed and efficiency.

Jiangsu Mr. Wen plans to increase production. The original traditional thawing method is far from enough to meet the capacity; Mr. Wen found the way of microwave thawing on the Internet to our plant inspection.

Before thawing, weigh the quality w1 of the chicken. After thawing, gently dip the meat juice on the meat's surface with absorbent paper and weigh the weight w2 again.

Then calculate according to the following equation:

Meat juice exudation rate /% = w1/w2×100%

Two pieces of frozen chicken at -18℃ were taken, weighing 9.53kg and 9.49kg, respectively. 20kw microwave defrosting equipment was used, with the power set at 1000w and the microwave effect for 10 minutes. The temperature at the center of the chicken was measured at 1℃, and much water was drained from the surface. The weight estimated by drying water was 9.21kg and 9.19kg, respectively, and the meat loss rate was 3.3% and 3.1%, respectively. Considering that the next process cannot be consumed in time after the customer defrosts part of it, the defrosting temperature should be appropriately lowered to ensure that it will not completely melt after being left for some time.

microwave defrosting equipment

Two more frozen chicken was taken and weighed at 9.60kg and 9.58kg, respectively. The microwave defrosting time was adjusted to 8 minutes. The center temperature was measured at -2℃, the moisture was sucked up with absorbency paper, and weighed at 9.41kg 9.36kg, the meat loss rate was 2% and 2.2%, respectively. The experimental results were good, and the customer was delighted.

A 20kw microwave defrosting equipment customized for the customer covers a small area, has no complicated water pipe connection and no sewage discharge, and only has a closed cooling tower, which improves the efficiency and saves the space of the factory.