Tianjin Mr. Yang 50KW Imported Beef and Mutton Microwave Thaw Successful Case

Yang is a company specializing in the import of frozen beef and mutton. The customer, Yang, searches for our company through the website and sees our company has the capability of independent research and development in the microwave thawing industry meets the requirements of the product quality and output of different customers and realizes the personalized customization. By communicating with us online, we have been impressed by our professional and numerous cases, and we have no access to the factory to place the order directly.

Beef and Mutton

Yang's custom 50kw microwave freezer can be used for thawing pork, mutton, beef, chicken, and other meat products. Microwave thawing equipment is non-standard equipment designed and manufactured according to users' actual situation. Because microwave thawing is a refrigerated processing process. A large amount of propagation and material thawing fluid exudation in the processing process is avoided, and the meat loss rate is reduced.

In the microwave thawing process, 915MHZ has a longer wavelength than 2450MHZ, and its penetration ability is stronger, so it is more suitable for processing large pieces of meat. For example, in addition to 15 kg and 20 kg standard box, Yang also has eight parts of beef and mutton in vitro or even tetrad. The traditional thawing method is difficult to achieve; microwave thawing is a better choice.

The thawing temperature of meat products is generally within-18 ℃ ~-2 ℃, thawing for less than 10 minutes, there is no temperature difference between inside and outside, no loss of meat quality, continuous production, take a 25kw microwave equipment as an example, its approximate thawing capacity is: chicken, chicken rack, chicken leg and so on 600 kg / h, but if it is thawed meat, pork and beef production capacity reaches 350 kg / h.

Microwave thawing equipment

Because of the simultaneous heating inside and outside of microwave heating, the products thawed by microwave have the advantages of the small temperature gradient, good temperature uniformity, and short time, to prevent the mass propagation of microorganisms during natural thawing and pollute the frozen products. Microwave thawing equipment has the advantages of good thawing effect, fast speed, no discoloration of microwave thawing equipment, no meat loss, and so on. At the same time, thawing can be carried out with packaging, but the packaging material should conform to the corresponding capacitance and have enough stability to high temperature. The characteristic of thawing makes the thawed material through the temperature area of sterilization and mass propagation to avoid pollution. Still, the traditional natural thawing and water thawing will have blood and water outflow, and the meat loss rate is high, and the final thawing temperature is generally chosen in-2 ≤-4 c. At this time, the frozen products can be cut and processed without dripping water and can also be cut and processed with a knife. The size and thickness of thawed frozen products should be controlled within 5cm, the temperature difference of too thick products will be larger, and the thawing quality will be a little worse. After the production of 50kw equipment, Yang came to the factory to accept the machine. Through the prototype test, Yang said that this set of equipment can basically solve the problem of thawing 100 tons of imported beef and mutton a month. Still, with the business's later growth, the monthly output is expected to reach 150t to 200T next year, and at least one more production line will be purchased next year.